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1 Symbol used to give alias name Piping symbol |

2 Can Page be full text indexed No

3 List Fields e.g Combo box, Dialog list, Radio button, Check box

4 Authors field will affect who Only those who have Author access, they can only edit documents that they created

5 No

6 Can Web applications use native OS Style No

7 Select Native OS style

8 To display multiple lines of text in a text field Select Native OS Style & check Display: Allow multiple lines

9 Default selection formula Select @All

10 To remove a form from the Create menu in the Notes client In the Form Properties box deselect "Include in Menu."

11 Name requirements for a Form

12 How many characters of the Form's name appear in the menu Only the first 64 characters of a form name appear in the Create menu.


14 To create a cascading name for a form

15When is input translation triggered When the form is refreshed & saved

16What is an alternative for input translation

17 To create a field that inherits an entire document

18 To display A view called “Products” in Frame A what is to be done @SetTargetFrame("Frame A"); @Command([OpenView]; "Products");

19 Framesets

20 About database document Use an "About Database" document to describe the purpose of a database.

21 Using Database document

22 To open a document when users first open the database.

23Who can modify the Replication settings Only the Manager

24 Acceptable entries in the ACL

25@Responses Returns the number of responses (in the current view) to the document


27@AllChildren Includes all response documents at all levels for parent documents that match selection criteria

28 Can rich text field work in column formulas Rich text conversion does not work in column formulas

29 Disadvantage of using - Automatically refreshing fields Automatically refreshing fields can slow down document display time.

30 No


32@uppercase Converts the lowercase letters in the specified string to uppercase.

33 Can there be more than one Outline in a database Yes

34 No

35Where are the image resources placed? Shared Resources – Images

36 Opens a frameset defined for the current database


38 In which design element we can add pages views etc

39 Place the image in a page and insert the page in the frame.


41Which is a design element used to display information? Page

42 Can Pages be displayed in Views? No

43 List the various ways to display Pages

44 A name listed in two groups with different access level. What will happen That name will get higher access of the two groups

45What is the minimum access level needed to see a view Reader

46 How to restrict people to see a folder or view Create a Read Access List, users who are not included in this view cannot See it.

47 A person is creating a database from the scratch. What should he do first? create a blank database.

48 Syntax when using a list in notes formula? “one” : “two” : “three”

49 To get the first name of the left most part of the author name Use @Left

50@UndeleteDocument In a database with "Allow soft deletions" selected, this command restores a deleted document.

51@HardDeleteDocument In an agent that runs a formula, @HardDeleteDocument permanently removes

the document currently being processed from the database if the database has

soft deletions enabled. If the database does not have soft deletions enabled,

@HardDeleteDocument performs the same action as @DeleteDocument.

52 @AddToFolder(“Staffing”;”Personal”)

53@UserName (index)

54 List some domino generated fields 1) $File -- shows an entry for each attachment in the document.

2) $Links -- shows an entry for each link in the document.

3) $Readers -- lists authorized readers if the document contains a read access list.

4) $Revisions -- lists the date and time of each editing session

since the first time the document was saved.

5) $Title, $Info, $WindowTitle, $Body, and $Actions -- are associated with a form

that is stored in the document.

6) $UpdatedBy -- lists the document authors and editors. Anonymous forms don't have this field.

7) Form -- indicates the name of the form used to create the document

or the name of the form most recently used to save the document.

Use the form in views to select documents created with the form.

8) PostedDate -- indicates that a document has been mailed and

shows the time and date it was mailed.

55 Default value in a field The default value formula provides an initial value that the user can change.


57 To convert a shared field in to single use field 1. Open the form.

2. Click the shared field.

3. Choose Design - Convert To Single Use.

58 To convert a single-use field to a shared field 1. Open the form.

2. Click the field to be shared.

A person is given manager access in the acl but his name is not included in

the readers field will he be able to read the document

A person wants to enter date in a field. He expect a calender graphical to be

displayed to select the datew from it

* The name is case-sensitive and can be any combination of characters including letters,

numbers, spaces, and punctuation.

* If there are no synonyms or cascading name, the maximum length of the form , name is 64

bytes. When the full form name includes all synonyms and the cascading name, the maximum

length is 256 bytes. If you're using multibyte characters 256 bytes is different from 256 characters.

If there are two or more names of a form which name will appear in the Create


the form’s first (leftmost) name always appears on the Create menu, while the form's last

(rightmost) name, which is typically the alias, and anonymous Notes user access appears in the

FORM field

In the form name box, enter the name of the menu item you want to appear at the top level,

followed by a \ (backslash) and the form name.

An alternative to an input translation formula is to write a script for the Exiting event that verifies


1. Open the form.

2. Create a rich-text field to store the inherited document.

3. Choose Design - Form Properties.

4. Click the Defaults tab.

5. Select "On Create: Inherit entire selected document into rich text field."

6. Enter or select the name of the rich-text field and select a document display option.

Design element available to display information in both Notes and web


Create a "Using Database" document to provide users with instructions on using various forms,

views, and navigators in the database. To display this document, users choose Help Using



Place a document link in the "About database" document and set the database launch

property to "launch first doc link in about database"

1.Wildcard entries

2. User, server, and group names (including user and group names of Internet clients)

3. Alternate names

4. LDAP users

5. Anonymous, which can be used for anonymous Internet user access and anonymous Notes

user access

6. Database replica Ids

Includes all response and response-to-response documents for parents that match selection


Can one display the contents of a computedfordisplay

field in a view.

Converts the words in a string to propername

capitalization: the first letter of each word becomes

uppercase, all others become lowercase

Are Outlines displayed using the Java applet accessible if the applet is used for

web application

@Command( [OpenFrameset] ; frameset )

What happens to the @SetTargetFrame if @Command([RefreshFrame]) is


If you specify a targetFrame parameter for @Command([RefreshFrame]), the @SetTargetFrame

function is ignored.

A frame can contain a form, folder, page, document, view, navigator, or frameset

The frame can also contain a Web page and be associated with a specific URL

A designer wants to place a image permanently at the top of a frame. What

should he do?

@Command( [CalendarFormat] ; format )

Changes the Calendar view to display one day, two days, one week,

two weeks, one month, or one year.

"1" specifies the one day display.

"2" specifies the two day display.

"7" specifies the one week display.

"14" specifies the two week display.

"30" specifies the one month display.

"365" specifies the one year display. This option is only valid in Web applications.

Make the page a frame in a frameset.

Create a link to the page from a form, subform, outline, or another page.

Create an action that opens the page

Create an outline entry that opens the page

Set the database launch property to launch the page when the database is opened.

To remove a currently selected document from "personal" and add to the folder


Returns the current user name. 0 is for primary name and 1 is for the alternate name.

If this parameter is omitted, @UserName returns the primary name.

Users entering the year in the date field in two digits. However the company

wants it to be displayed in four digits. What is to be done?

In the Control tab of the field, In the On Input Section , check “require user Input for four


3. Choose Design Share

This Field.

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