Monday, August 11, 2008

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Lotus Notes Groups

Do you know that you can send your local groups in Lotus Notes.

The question often comes up -

How do I transfer a group that I have created in Notes to someone else ?

If you don't have this option on your address book in Notes 7:

You just need to "Upgrade" the Personal Address Book template and the button would be added.

Lotus Notes Compress Attachments

How often do you attach documents in notes ?

Great way to compress the size of attachments in Lotus Notes documents.

This is just one time setting in you Lotus Notes Database and which will automatically compress the attachments every time you send mails with attachments.

1) Right clicking on Mailbox Database -> Properties -> click Advanced Tab and selecting the Use LZ1 compression for attachments.

Great way to Save Size & Time in Notes.

Quick way to reorder attachments

I often drag multiple attachments from my file system into Lotus Notes documents. Once the attachments are in the document, you unfortunately can't move them around via drag and drop. You could cut and paste them, but if the attachments are large, this can take a while. Instead when I want to reorder the attachments what I do is take advantage of the Lotus Notes feature that allows you to Re-arrange values in a list or cells in a table.

Here is an example.

1) Turn the line they are on into a bulleted list. (using the Toolbar Icon , the Text menu, keyboard shortcut ALT+T+L+L, or right click menu)

2) Move each attachment to its own bullet by placing a line break (return/enter key) between attachments 1 and 2, and 2 and 3.

3) Use the arrow keys ( or ) to rearrange the attachments.

4) Reverse steps 2 and 1. Meaning, delete the line break, and then remove the bullet list formatting. Now the attachments are in the order that you want.

After doing this a few times you'll find it to be a simple process.

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